We are currently receiving a high number of queries relating to Brexit. Here are some helpful resources.

- Waltham Forest Council are continuing to offer the ID scanner service in our libraries, and have now reviewed this and made the decision to waive the £14 fee for residents of Waltham Forest. This service is available in Walthamstow and Leytonstone libraries.

- There is information on Waltham Forest Council’s website about the support available:

- The EU Londoners Hub also contains information on where EU nationals can go for legal advice:

- Waltham Forest Council are using social media to post content about the settled status scheme such as this:

- The Government has created a toolkit for employers who may be unsure about the status of EU employees which can be found here:

- If you need support to apply for settled status, please call the Home Office on 03333 44 56 75. They can support you to make an appointment for in the library. 


- You can find more information from Waltham Forest Council here

- You can find more information from Citizens Advice here