As Coronavirus continues to spread and the government introduces stricter measures to address this, we are receiving a large number of requests for help and support from residents in Walthamstow. To assist my team in managing these requests, we're seeking local volunteers who would be prepared to help us support residents who are self isolating ideally as close to their homes as possible. This would mean allowing us to share your contact details with those asking for help as a point of contact and to become someone who would support them with the assistance of our team. If you are happy to take on this voluntary role please complete the below form to provide us with the details to be able to organise this and to ensure we are able to safeguard all concerned.

Please note we will use the information you provide below to verify your identity as well as vetting status and to help match up residents who need help with local volunteers. We may therefore share details with the local authority and other public agencies where appropriate to help in that safeguarding process. Please note as these are exceptional times we are using a range of sources to try to ensure the safety of local residents ; this is not a comprehensive process and we reserve the right to restrict involvement in this project to ensure confidence in the referrals made accordingly. We will not use any information provided via this system for any other use than in our work to respond to the Coronavirus crisis.

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