Make Misogyny History

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Template Motion

- That the Law Commission is currently reviewing all current hate crime legislation to consider whether any additional characteristics, including misogyny, should be granted legal protection, after closing its request for submissions at the end of December 2020. The initial recommendations of the Law Commission Review suggested the inclusion of sex/gender as a protected characteristic. Misogyny is currently recorded, or its inclusion is being considered, as a hate crime by 11 out of 43 police forces in the UK. 

- That this review was thanks to the work of Stella Creasy and her campaign to have misogyny classified as a hate crime - which her amendment to the Voyeurism (Offences) (No.2) Bill, or Upskirting Bill would have secured – alongside groups such as Citizens UK, HOPE Not Hate, Southall Black Sisters, Tell MAMA UK, and the Fawcett Society. 

- That like women and girls across the country our residents suffer harassment and abuse every single day. A YouGov national survey in 2016 showed that 85% of women aged 18-24 were subjected to sexual harassment in public. 

- The adoption of misogyny as a hate crime was successfully implemented in Nottingham, where analysis showed an increase in reporting as well as an increase in the use of wider services. It also showed the vast majority of local people wanted the scheme to continue. 

- Studies have shown that the intersectional nature of discrimination means that women with additional protected characteristics, such as those who are BAME, disabled or LGBT+, are even more likely to experience harassment, discrimination and abuse. 

The Council resolves: 

- To call on the Government to listen to the lived experience of women and girls across our country and to urgently act on any recommendations the commission makes to strengthen the law on hate crime, and to reform legislation around harassment to recognise as an offence a ‘course of conduct’ which targets women and girls in their community. 

- To call on the Government to provide the resource and funding for police forces across the UK to effectively tackle harassment, misogyny and domestic abuse. 

- To call on [XX local police force XX] to record harassment of women as a hate crime, following successful trials in Nottingham and elsewhere.