An urgent ceasefire, the immediate and safe return of the hostages, aid and an end to the starvation and ill health in Gaza and a plan to secure a free Palestine and a safe Israel remain priorities for me if I am re-elected as your MP on 4th July. These are outcomes for which I have long advocated- first voting for the UK to recognise Palestine as a state in 2014, and continuing to advocate through that time for progress in a two state solution. 

Prior to October 7th and the horrific attack by Hamas, I had been involved in supporting calls for a change of Government in Israel and for a resumption of the peace process- throughout my time in parliament I have not changed my view that only through a two state solution which recognises both Israel and Palestine will there be peace, prosperity and freedom for all in the region. The need for the world to support and deliver this ambition has never been clearer.  I have always been willing to speak up on this issue and in recent months have consistently spoken out for -  and repeatedly voted for - an urgent ceasefire to be our national priority including in November last year when it was first proposed to the UK Parliament for consideration. 

We have now seen unimaginable loss of life, limbs and destruction in Rafah. Despite repeated warnings not to undertake military action in this region, the Israeli Government has ignored pleas from countries around the world and these scenes are the devastating consequences. These actions will do nothing to bring back the hostages still being held by Hamas, nor end the conflict that has beset this region and it is difficult to see how these actions would not be in contravention of international law. The bombs being fired at Tel Aviv by Hamas also put civilians at risk of harm and reflect the failure of political leadership for all the people of Palestine and Israel. I want to be clear I condemn all those - whether in Israel or Palestine- who demonise and dehumanise the citizens of either nation or who oppose a two state solution. 

The world cannot stand by and yet again simply ask Israel to show restraint in Gaza - with a man made famine and a mass death toll, those with influence in the region must do more to secure the urgent ceasefire that is desperately needed and to uphold international law. I was troubled by the allegations made by the International prosecutor that it was suggested the International Court of Justice was not a process to be applied to countries outside of Africa- for the sake of humanitarian objectives it is vital that we secure both universal application of laws and due process. 

That is why throughout my work on this issue I have called the UK Government to account for their approach to the ICJ. To reflect that approach and my commitment to this matter please find below a listing of all the times I have spoken on this matter in parliament and challenged the UK Government not just to hold those accountable who commit war crimes and back the Court, but also to uphold their own rules on arms sales. Whilst you will I am sure like me find the answers they have given to be inadequate and evasive I believe it is vital to persist with this approach. In the days ahead we must continue to push them to support the ICJ and whatever decision it makes regarding warrants - including against Israeli Government members- as part of upholding the Courts role in taking action on the matter of genocide itself. 

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I also take this approach of accountability to the question of arms sales to Israel. I have raised this matter in parliament repeatedly as I cannot understand why the Government has not suspended arms sales to Israel in the light of the evidence of what is happening in Rafah. You will see from my questions I have sought to ask them to confirm if British made arms have been used in this conflict. In raising this issue I have quoted their own rules on this matter back to them because I refuse to let them abandon tests set by parliament for suspending arms sales by failing to publish the evidence which they say shows continuing to trade with Israel in this way is in line with our laws on such matters. 

If I am re-elected I will continue to hold Governments of any political hue to account on how our actions uphold and strengthen international law. I note that the European Union is also looking at what further can be done to bring pressure to bear on this situation - as someone who is very active in seeking to rebuild our relationship with the EU I will be seeking to champion collaboration with our neighbours in Europe on this matter too as a way of strengthening our voices on this issue. 

The election means that I am no longer able to question Government ministers on any of these issues or how they will support the provision of aid to those in Gaza - having also been part of calling for them to restore UNWRA funding as a matter of urgency to try to get food into Gaza itself I know how important it is to hold Ministers accountable for their decisions. Yet as a candidate I will continue to speak up for this, for an emergency visa scheme for those with family in Gaza and for those who have family members who are being held hostage - so too I will continue to push for action against the antisemitism and islamophobia we are seeing both online and offline in our community. The world can and must do more to stop the violence in Israel and Gaza - calling an election in the UK should not blunt our ability to participate in securing an urgent ceasefire. 

Should I be privileged enough to be re-elected to represent our home of Walthamstow I hope this email and my track record reassures you that this is a priority for me, that I share the widespread concerns about the appalling loss of innocent life and that I will be continue to be a voice for peace and humanity in the new parliament.