This election comes with no time to waste – in the run up to COP29 the new Government will play a critical role setting expectations about both our national and international advocacy. I want to see the UK once again lead the way on climate justice and action to deliver a fossil fuel free future. That’s why I joined with parliamentarians across both the Commons and the Lords as well as different political parties to sign this letter calling on the Government to live upto the promise to transition away from fossil fuels. You can find our letter here for your information:

Throughout my work as an MP addressing the crisis that we face and reaching net zero has been an urgent priority - not just for the UK but the world. The failures under the current Government to invest in our economic infrastructure to decarbonise will cost us dearly in both jobs and emissions- whether the failure to support the steel industry to transition, the lack of investment in renewable energy and decision to support oil drilling at Rosebank and grant many more oil and gas licenses, or the lack of insulation fitting and reneging on targets for investment, time and time again this Government has pitched a concern for the environment against a concern for economic investment to the detriment of our nation.

As our local MP, I have consistently supported and advocated for a different approach- for recognition that it is one of the most efficient ways to save money as a country if we invest in making our infrastructure sustainable. My track record of voting, as well as advocacy is clear – whether at a national level where I have joined with other MPs in directly challenging the Government’s support for Rosebank, campaigning for an end to fossil fuel investments and or the work we have done locally to promote sustainable responses to the climate crisis through our ‘Swap shops’. I’ve also taken on those seeking to reverse measures to address air pollution – challenging Conservative MPs seeking to overturn ULEZ without any plans to replace this measure in parliament. Had the election not been called, I had recently supported a plan for a debate in parliament on climate adaptation and flooding to hold Ministers to account on this subject.

My commitment to the need to invest in building the sustainable infrastructure of the future, and to making the transition towards an economy where ‘clean and green’ is the model for job creation is also clear within the Labour Movement. As well as being a member of Labour’s Environmental affiliate organisation SERA and speaking out on these issues publicly, you can find details of some of the recent work I have done as Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe on how to collaborate with European allies on energy provision in a way which cuts emissions. Here you can also read my challenge to the Government’s attempt to reduce environmental protections now that we have left the European Union.

Please be assured that should I be re-elected I will continue to collaborate with colleagues in the Labour movement and beyond in advocating that investment in helping the UK make a just and sustainable transition to net zero by 2030 – whether the ‘green new deal’, the ‘green prosperity plan’ or individual efforts to enhance the pace of transition through public investment and planning policy. I recognise there are concerns about the state of the public finances as a result of this Government's actions- I have consistently been a voice rejecting the idea that there is a trade off between reaching net zero and tackling our public debt. Indeed, recent history has shown the false economy in not making the transition to a fossil fuel free future quickly – if re-elected I will continue to be a voice speaking up for this as an economic imperative.  

That will include on the future of Rosebank. The timing of this election means that there could be the possibility to revisit the future of the Rosebank oil and gas field in the North Sea. The Government has given the go ahead to this facility, and a court case on how this decision was made means that the project has not progressed. If re-elected, I will join with others in the Labour movement in continuing to argue ambitions for a fossil fuel free future are incompatible with Rosebank’s development.

I hope this update is of interest to you and confirms my track record of activism on our climate crisis. As an election has now been called parliament will no longer sit until after this point- therefore please note in accordance with the parliamentary protocol, if you wish to continue to get updates from me on this issue or any other please sign up for these as I will not be able to contact you as a constituent during this period. You can find the link to do this here: